DIY:: Felt Wreath

DIY:: Felt Wreath

Sooooo… it’s been a while.  I have missed blogging so much, but my work and life schedule have been so hectic.  Love & Linden has taken a backseat to all of that, unfortunately.  Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to during the past couple of months.

  1.  Apparently I work out now.  Three nights a week, my husband and I go to the gym and workout.  I know it’s good for me or whatever, but it takes so much time!
  2. My husband is in a master’s program.  Nuff said.
  3. I had a sweet Halloween party.  It was Tim Burton themed, I was Lydia and husband was Beetle Juice.  Good times were had by all.
  4. Work.

Now that we are all caught up, let’s move on to the fun stuff.  A week and a half ago, I got sick with some sort of cold/ coughing my lungs up/ mucus-y sickness.  Therefore, I couldn’t go to the gym (darn! ;)) and had time to get crafty!  I knew I really wanted to do something with felt.  I love it and use it for many different crafts and fiber art things, I’m sort of obsessed.  So, what else can I make with felt, hm???  Voila! A red felt wreath is born and born on a budget.  This whole thing cost around $5 to make and it’s the cutest pop of red!


Red Felt Sheets- I used around 10 (Wal-Mart Craft Section)

Wire Form- I used 14″ and I got it from the DOLLAR TREE! One. Dollar.

Pinking Shears (Optional)

Hot Glue Gun

Leaf Template (Anything you find online and print out is fine, you just want your leaves to be consistent in size)

Red Ribbon to Finish Off (Optional)

Start out by using your leaf template to cut out the leaf shapes from the red felt sheets.  You can use whatever shape of leaf you want, I just chose a classic leaf shape.  You can also fold your sheet of felt in half, so you are cutting out two leaves vs. one leaf at a time.  I also liked the effect that the pinking shears gave, instead of just regular scissors, but that is just a personal preference.

Felt Wreath 1.JPG

Next, I decided to cover my wire wreath form with red ribbon.  My wreath is hanging against a mirror, so I didn’t want any of the wire wreath form to show through.

Felt Wreath 2.JPG

After you cut out all of your leaves, I glued a flat layer down first.  See the picture above for how I arranged the first couple, slightly tilted so they extend out on either side.  This gives the wreath more fullness.  After your base layer is glued down, I started by folding some of the leaves in half and using a dot of hot glue to keep their shapes.  This gave them a curled look and added more depth.  Next, start arranging the curled leave in a similar pattern to the base layer we just glued down, filling in any gaps.


Felt Wreath 3.JPG

Repeat this process until all gaps are filled in and the wreath is as full as you want it to be!  I tied a big ole’ red satin bow around mine and called it done.

Felt Wreath.JPG

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to be back with more soon!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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Room Reveal:: Home Office

Room Reveal:: Home Office

Hey guys, remember me?  It’s been a while!  I’ve missed writing my blog posts so much!  It seems like we have been so busy this Summer.  We went on vacation, had a couple of birthdays in between and I decided to purge and redecorate my home office.  This little project has been keeping me pretty busy with my weekends for the past month!  I am happy to announce that I’m officially finished with my office purge + makeover and I’ve got some space saving tips to share with you guys!  Like REEEAAALLLLYYYY good ones ;).

I live in a two bedroom apartment and every inch of storage space counts.  I’m always trying to figure out ways to store things without having to see visual clutter.  This room in particular, has been our catch all room and my craft storage room.  But, I never felt like I could go back in that room and get my craft on.  There was just too much stuff in the way.  I really wish I had a before picture!  It was a lot darker and there was a huge tan futon that was taking up an unnecessary amount of space.  Basically, I still wanted to be able to use this as a guest room for when we have a rare overnight guest, but I also wanted to utilize this space as more of a craft room area.  If you craft or DIY, you know how many supplies are involved in doing those projects.  Dragging all of that stuff out into my living room was beginning to wear on my nerves.  Now I have plenty of space to stay put and do my crafting in this room.


The first area I’m going to show you is this little sitting area.  The star of this space saving blog post is this chair.  It folds out into a twin sleeper and it’s around $200!  The back folds down and there is a roll out section under the seat.  It’s so easy to use and you can’t beat the price point.  If you have a super small space you are working with, I completely recommend this chair.  It doesn’t take up much room at all and now I have a little place to kick back and get crafty!

Buy Sleeper Chair Here

See that furry. ottoman?  The top comes off and you can store things inside!  It was $25 and it collapses if you need to move it out of the way.  For now, I’ve got some of my husband’s workout gear in it.   So cute, 10/10 would recommend!

Buy Storage Ottoman Here

I also got one of those tiered hanging baskets from The Container Store and it is now holding my yarn.  They were living in a Whole Foods bag before, so this is definitely a step up in my yarn storage and I have room to add more.

Buy Hanging Baskets Here


Here’s a close up of the chair fabric and my cute little basket (laundry hamper in a past life) holding all of my- mostly unicorn- wrapping papers.


You might be thinking “Lindsey, is that a bike on your wall?!”.  It sure is and I hung that sucker up there all by myself!  The wall hasn’t come crashing down yet, so I’d say we’re doing pretty well.  I fought with this bike all the time, I was constantly moving it to different areas of this room, but no more!  I found these handy bike hangers on Amazon and put this baby up on the wall.  It is now a decorative feature and I think it looks really cool!


Sometimes you have to get creative with your storage.  This is my creative storage moment.  I married a guitar player > guitar players come with amps > most amps are ugly and huge.  I managed to fit my husband’s guitar amp under my desk, but ew.  I did not want to see that thing under my pretty desk everyday.  In comes scrap fabric and $2.00 tension rods from Wal-Mart.  I made little curtains (basically pole pocket cafe curtains) and put the (3) tension rods on the front and sides of the desk.  Now this cute little curtain hides the ginormous guitar amp underneath!


Cute glass cups or votive holders are a great way to store paint brushes or drawing pencils.  I like to display mine instead of tucking them away!

I’m loving this space so much already.  It’s a happy little room and I can’t wait to be able to use it to share more DIY things with you!  Thanks for reading <3.

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Argenta Bead Company [Little Rock, AR]

Argenta Bead Company [Little Rock, AR]

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from my beloved Root Cafe, is Argenta Bead Company.  I have been wanting to go here for foreverrrrr, but I don’t get downtown too often.  Now that I’ve been to Argenta Bead, my life is better… brighter…happier… okay, I’ll stop being overly dramatic. But seriously, my creative juices were recharged when I walked out the door!  This is one of those places where your mind goes completely wild with all of the possibilities of things you can make.  They have every shape, size and color you can imagine as well as the jewelry making supplies to complete your project.  I could’ve spent hours in here, but I decided that it would be in the best interest of my bank account if I didn’t.  If you are in or around Little Rock, you’ve got to get over here.  So fun!!

Visit Argenta Bead’s Website Here

Argenta Bead Company

1608 Main Street
Little Rock, Arkansas  72206






They also make custom jewelry here!  You can bring them something or buy beads from them and they will make you custom jewelry!  How cool is that?


Here are the ammmmazing beads I got, I guess I was on a green kick!


I made this really cool two tiered necklace.  These beads reminded me of vintage jadeite!  Disclaimer:  I am NOT a jewelry maker, I’ve got bracelets and a few necklaces I’ve made, but I’m a complete newbie here.  It is definitely something that I’d love to explore though.


Using an eye pin, I strung my beads evenly divided on two eye pins.  So I ended up with 2 strands of 12 beads each.



I then used my round nose pliers to make another loop on the other side of the eye pin.



I wanted the second tier to hang lower, so I trimmed my necklace down and used that piece of chain to attach to either end of one of the bead strands.


I attached the jump rings and voila!  Below is the the finished tiered necklace and the other two beads I got for myself.


Thank you for reading!

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DIY:: Wood Bead Wall Sconce

DIY:: Wood Bead Wall Sconce

There are a lot of fun things about working at an interior design business.  Beautiful fabrics and finishes, lots of creativity, etc.  Sometimes you spend a lot of time looking at beautiful things and your like yessssssss, but then you remember that your husband is still in school and your like “I wonder if Home Goods sells that…”.  I have been seeing these wood bead chandeliers everywhere and I think they are so beautiful!  But because I live in an apartment, there is only so much I can do here.  Time to get creative!

When we first moved here there was this hideous wall light in the hallway.  It killed my soul every time I looked at it.  I ran to Home Depot one day and grabbed a super cheap little wall sconce, it wasn’t anything special, but literally anything was an improvement.  The Home Depot sconce has been up for a year or two and I always meant to paint it or spruce it up somehow.  I was looking at it a few days ago, trying to figure out how to make it cute and then it hit me… wood beads!!!


Small Spider Shade (Buy Shade Here)

Jute Rope (You can get this at any craft/ hardware store)

Unfinished Wood Beads- 2 Sizes (Buy Wood Beads Here)

Folk Art Enamel Paint in Metallic Gold (Buy Enamel Paint Here)


Hot Glue Gun


Step 1:

I started by disassembling the sconce and painting two coats of gold paint.  All of the frames in my hallway are gold, so I kind of have a theme goin’ on.  I used Folk Art enamel paint in metallic gold, it is made to go on glass, so I figured it would also stick to metal and it did!  It gave it more of a brushed gold look than a weird/ flat spray paint gold, which I wanted for this fixture.  I also ended up going back and painting the white sleeve that the light bulb screws into, since it is visible without the frosted glass shade on it- duh, Lindsey.




Step 2:

Disassemble your spider shade.  Once you rip the fabric off, you will be left with two rings, we are only going to be using the smaller ring attached to the spider.  Using wire cutters, snip off a little section of the small ring, so that the ring doesn’t hit the wall once the sconce is mounted (see below).  This part takes a little strength to get through the wire and I totally did it all by myself…without the help of my husband at all…just kidding, my hand almost fell off trying to do that, so I had to enlist him.




Step 3:

After you (or your significant other) snips a section from the small ring, glue it to the sleeve around where the bulb screws in.



Step 4:

Next, wrap your jute around all of the wire that makes up the spider shade portion of the light.  This will add to that natural look that is a fun juxtaposition from the brass.



Step 5:

Now, park yourself on the couch and start beading.  I tied a double knot of jute on the top and left myself a long (probably arms length) piece, so that I could do a tassel at the end.  My shade has 10 lengths of beads around it, with 5 large beads + 10 small beads on each length.


Step 6:

After you’ve made all of your strands of beads, tie them in a knot and secure them around the base, I glued mine around the little switch at the bottom since I don’t use that to turn this on and off.  Now, you can trim your tassel to the desired length!


Voila!  You now have a super cute and unique light fixture that only costs about $15 to spruce up!



Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoyed this post!


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Harry Potter: Butterbeer Cupcakes

Harry Potter: Butterbeer Cupcakes

My brother’s birthday is TODAY!  Happy birthday, Jake!!! He’s a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic, among other things, so I decided that I would make him a Harry Potter inspired cupcake this year.  I quickly discovered that there are so many variations and interpretations of butterbeer treats out there.  I  used the recipe that Sugar and Soul posted and made it a bit more simple, by the time I drove home from work and then went to the grocery store, I didn’t have a ton of time to be whipping up magical – completely homemade- concoctions.  Whether you go with the easy route or the completely homemade route, the outcome was fantastic!  The butterscotch flavor really came through on these cupcakes and the drizzle on top was the finishing touch.

Butterbeer Cupcakes:

Makes About 16 Cupcakes

Candy Melt Cupcake Toppers:

Melt appx. 1/2 C. of black candy melts in the microwave for about 30 seconds, stir until everything is melted, and pour into a tipless piping bag.  Cut the verrrrry tip of the bag off, so that it was about the size of a #2 piping tip or you can use a #2 tip, it’s up to you.  Lay the Harry Potter template sheet underneath a sheet of parchment paper and trace the shapes with your chocolate filled piping bag.  In my opinion, candy melts are a more difficult than royal icing transfers.  But they turned out pretty cute!  I’m attaching a PDF of the symbols that I printed out and used for my transfers at the end of this post.




1 Box of White Cake Mix

3/4 C. Cream Soda

1/2 C. White Milk or Buttermilk

1/2 C. Vegetable Oil

1 tsp. Imitation Butter Extract

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

2 Eggs

1 C. Toffee Bits (Without Chocolate)

Combine the cake mix, cream soda, milk, oil, extracts, and eggs.  Mix well until there are no lumps in your mixture.  Next, fold in 1 cup of toffee bits.  Line your cupcake pan with liners of your choice, mine are from Sweets and Treats and I am obsessed with them because they are greaseproof!  They come out of the oven looking as bright as when you put them in.  It’s the little things.  Bake at 350 until golden brown (my oven is a menace, so I baked for 15-20 minutes).



2 C. Heavy Cream

1/3 C. Butterscotch Instant Pudding

1/2 C. Powdered Sugar

3 Tsp. Imitation Butter Extract

I decided to follow the exact recipe for the frosting.  I’m glad I did, because it was DELICIOUS.  So much butterscotch flavor and it’s light because it’s a whipped cream instead of a buttercream.

Combine all of the frosting ingredients and mix with your whisk attachment.  Mix for 3-4 minutes and add to a piping bag fitted with a large star tip (Buy Here).  Let your cupcakes completely cool before you frost them.


Butterscotch Drizzle:

1/2 C. Butterscotch Chips

1/4 C. Heavy Cream

Heat heavy cream in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds in a glass measuring cup.  It should be hot enough at this point to melt the butterscotch chips. Pour all of the butterscotch chips into the warm heavy cream and stir until completely melted.  Transfer to a squeeze bottle and let cool in the fridge.  Do not put the warm butterscotch drizzle directly onto your frosted cupcakes, it will melt your frosting.IMG_1049.JPG

After you’ve drizzled your drizzle, add your candy melt Harry Potter symbols and BAM.  Yer a wizard, reader.  Well, maybe not, but these cupcakes are magical.

Candy Melt PDF:

Harry Potter Chocolate Template

Thanks for reading 🙂

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The Root Cafe [Little Rock, AR]

The Root Cafe [Little Rock, AR]

I’ve kinda had writer’s block…  After radio silence for a few weeks, I’ve figured out what to write about.  It all happened when we went out for brunch today at my new favorite place and I was like “duh, write about how amazing this place is”.  Thank you to the brunch Gods at The Root Cafe for the inspiration.

We came here for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  At the time I didn’t really know a lot about this place, but I am so happy this is where we decided to eat!  When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the laid back atmosphere.  Everyone is super friendly- patrons and staff.  I tried the Spicy Bahn Mi sandwich (minus jalapeños), which I’m now referring to as “my soul mate sandwich”.


They source most of their ingredients from Arkansas farms.  You can actually see exactly where the ingredients come from!  See?  Here’s a map, right on the wall when you walk in:

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.17.45 PM.png

The decor is so cute.  It’s super eclectic and I think those wrapped tables are the bee’s knees!



Lot’s of areas to eat outside, if you are into that sort of thing.  I’m not.


This place is bumpin’, so be prepared to wait in line for a bit.  I promise it is worth it and it goes pretty quickly.  I had the biscuits and gravy this morning and it was delicious.  My husband had an omelette and it was freakin’ good.

Hey Root Cafe, if you are reading this, can I have a barrel of whatever dressing you put on your salads?  I could seriously drink it with a straw.


We also grabbed some blueberry jam on our way out.  We just tried it on some buttered toast and it’s so yummy!  My husband is sort of a jam connoisseur and it got his stamp of approval.


All in all, it’s a great place to be.  Everyone is happy to be there, the food is fresh and delicious and it’s a fun/ laid-back atmosphere.  Go.


The Root Cafe:: 1500 Main Street:: Little Rock, AR.


Thanks for reading!

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May Favorites.

May Favorites.

I made it my personal mission to use my long weekend to be as lazy as possible.  I pretty much succeeded, with the exception of a few loads of laundry and dishes that got done.  Needless to say, I didn’t get around to doing this blog post.  So here it is for you on this lovely- what day is it?- oh, Wednesday!

1.   Your Good Skin- Rapid Rescue Treatment

Honestly, I picked this up because the store was out of Differin Gel and I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from it.  Well color me happy, because I actually really like this product and I’ll go for this instead of the Differin next time.  Sometimes Differin would cause my chin/ cheek area to peel, this is more gentle than Differin, but is still effective in helping reduce breakouts.  I haven’t experienced any peeling with the Rapid Rescue Treatment!  Wahoo.

Buy Rapid Rescue Treatment Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.14.53 AM.png

2.  American Eagle Shorts

Apparently it’s still necessary to wear actual clothes to public places during the Summer, no matter how uncomfortable or how much the sweat is making them cling to you.  I went on the hunt for some new shorts and I’ve been LIVING in these lately.  Plus side, they are stretch denim and oh my gosh- so comfy.  Feel like doing a herkie?  Jumping jacks?  Girl, go for it.  You can do anything you want in these shorts.

Buy American Eagle Shorts Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.20.17 AM.png

3.  Bissell Pet Spot Eraser

If you have a pet, you need one of these.  We all love and adore our pets, but you have to be prepared for when your dog inevitably leaves some kind of stain on your freshly steam cleaned carpets (ahem, I’m looking at you Daphney).  This little guy is super easy to get out and quickly take care of whatever spot you need it to.  It’s surprisingly powerful!

Buy Pet Stain Eraser Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.42.20 AM.png

4.  Sensationail Gel Polish

Typically, I paint my nails every Sunday night and by the following Sunday they would be super chipped, even with a good base & top coat.  Not that there is absolutely ANYTHING wrong with getting your nails done professionally, but I’m just trying to help get my husband through this Master’s program- did you know books alone are anywhere from $150-$300?!  My nails are the last thing I am trying to fit in my budget.  The Sensationail Gel is lasting a solid two weeks with no chips and it’s protecting my nails from breaking!  I highly recommend giving this a try if you are decent at painting your own nails.

Buy Gel Nail Starter Kit Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.55.02 AM.png

Well that was possibly the most random assortment of monthly favorites I’ve ever seen.  I hope you enjoyed this post!

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