DIY:: Felt Wreath

DIY:: Felt Wreath

Sooooo… it’s been a while.  I have missed blogging so much, but my work and life schedule have been so hectic.  Love & Linden has taken a backseat to all of that, unfortunately.  Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to during the past couple of months.

  1.  Apparently I work out now.  Three nights a week, my husband and I go to the gym and workout.  I know it’s good for me or whatever, but it takes so much time!
  2. My husband is in a master’s program.  Nuff said.
  3. I had a sweet Halloween party.  It was Tim Burton themed, I was Lydia and husband was Beetle Juice.  Good times were had by all.
  4. Work.

Now that we are all caught up, let’s move on to the fun stuff.  A week and a half ago, I got sick with some sort of cold/ coughing my lungs up/ mucus-y sickness.  Therefore, I couldn’t go to the gym (darn! ;)) and had time to get crafty!  I knew I really wanted to do something with felt.  I love it and use it for many different crafts and fiber art things, I’m sort of obsessed.  So, what else can I make with felt, hm???  Voila! A red felt wreath is born and born on a budget.  This whole thing cost around $5 to make and it’s the cutest pop of red!


Red Felt Sheets- I used around 10 (Wal-Mart Craft Section)

Wire Form- I used 14″ and I got it from the DOLLAR TREE! One. Dollar.

Pinking Shears (Optional)

Hot Glue Gun

Leaf Template (Anything you find online and print out is fine, you just want your leaves to be consistent in size)

Red Ribbon to Finish Off (Optional)

Start out by using your leaf template to cut out the leaf shapes from the red felt sheets.  You can use whatever shape of leaf you want, I just chose a classic leaf shape.  You can also fold your sheet of felt in half, so you are cutting out two leaves vs. one leaf at a time.  I also liked the effect that the pinking shears gave, instead of just regular scissors, but that is just a personal preference.

Felt Wreath 1.JPG

Next, I decided to cover my wire wreath form with red ribbon.  My wreath is hanging against a mirror, so I didn’t want any of the wire wreath form to show through.

Felt Wreath 2.JPG

After you cut out all of your leaves, I glued a flat layer down first.  See the picture above for how I arranged the first couple, slightly tilted so they extend out on either side.  This gives the wreath more fullness.  After your base layer is glued down, I started by folding some of the leaves in half and using a dot of hot glue to keep their shapes.  This gave them a curled look and added more depth.  Next, start arranging the curled leave in a similar pattern to the base layer we just glued down, filling in any gaps.


Felt Wreath 3.JPG

Repeat this process until all gaps are filled in and the wreath is as full as you want it to be!  I tied a big ole’ red satin bow around mine and called it done.

Felt Wreath.JPG

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to be back with more soon!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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DIY:: Wood Bead Wall Sconce

DIY:: Wood Bead Wall Sconce

There are a lot of fun things about working at an interior design business.  Beautiful fabrics and finishes, lots of creativity, etc.  Sometimes you spend a lot of time looking at beautiful things and your like yessssssss, but then you remember that your husband is still in school and your like “I wonder if Home Goods sells that…”.  I have been seeing these wood bead chandeliers everywhere and I think they are so beautiful!  But because I live in an apartment, there is only so much I can do here.  Time to get creative!

When we first moved here there was this hideous wall light in the hallway.  It killed my soul every time I looked at it.  I ran to Home Depot one day and grabbed a super cheap little wall sconce, it wasn’t anything special, but literally anything was an improvement.  The Home Depot sconce has been up for a year or two and I always meant to paint it or spruce it up somehow.  I was looking at it a few days ago, trying to figure out how to make it cute and then it hit me… wood beads!!!


Small Spider Shade (Buy Shade Here)

Jute Rope (You can get this at any craft/ hardware store)

Unfinished Wood Beads- 2 Sizes (Buy Wood Beads Here)

Folk Art Enamel Paint in Metallic Gold (Buy Enamel Paint Here)


Hot Glue Gun


Step 1:

I started by disassembling the sconce and painting two coats of gold paint.  All of the frames in my hallway are gold, so I kind of have a theme goin’ on.  I used Folk Art enamel paint in metallic gold, it is made to go on glass, so I figured it would also stick to metal and it did!  It gave it more of a brushed gold look than a weird/ flat spray paint gold, which I wanted for this fixture.  I also ended up going back and painting the white sleeve that the light bulb screws into, since it is visible without the frosted glass shade on it- duh, Lindsey.




Step 2:

Disassemble your spider shade.  Once you rip the fabric off, you will be left with two rings, we are only going to be using the smaller ring attached to the spider.  Using wire cutters, snip off a little section of the small ring, so that the ring doesn’t hit the wall once the sconce is mounted (see below).  This part takes a little strength to get through the wire and I totally did it all by myself…without the help of my husband at all…just kidding, my hand almost fell off trying to do that, so I had to enlist him.




Step 3:

After you (or your significant other) snips a section from the small ring, glue it to the sleeve around where the bulb screws in.



Step 4:

Next, wrap your jute around all of the wire that makes up the spider shade portion of the light.  This will add to that natural look that is a fun juxtaposition from the brass.



Step 5:

Now, park yourself on the couch and start beading.  I tied a double knot of jute on the top and left myself a long (probably arms length) piece, so that I could do a tassel at the end.  My shade has 10 lengths of beads around it, with 5 large beads + 10 small beads on each length.


Step 6:

After you’ve made all of your strands of beads, tie them in a knot and secure them around the base, I glued mine around the little switch at the bottom since I don’t use that to turn this on and off.  Now, you can trim your tassel to the desired length!


Voila!  You now have a super cute and unique light fixture that only costs about $15 to spruce up!



Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoyed this post!


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DIY: Crystal Water

DIY: Crystal Water

Disclaimer #1:  I’m going to be babbling about crystals for a while, if you have no interest, this is probably not the post for you.  But, if you are also about the DIY/ thrifty girl (or boy) life, keep reading.

I love crystals.  I love to wear them and I have some beautiful pieces that are for decoration.  I especially love to learn about the ways different cultures have used them in the past and what they are believed to do.  Whether you believe that they do what my crystal books say they do, having that added positivity helps boost your mood or overall outlook.  That I love.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.31.18 PM.png

I started seeing these water bottles popping up on Instagram and I was like “um, yesssss, where do I buy one?”.  They are priced anywhere from $80-$100, no thanks.  I can’t see myself ever paying that much for a water bottle, but I love the idea of reaping the benefits of crystals through water.  You know what happens next: how can I have one and not pay $90 for it?  In comes Amazon to save the day.

I noticed that the bottle itself is just a glass water bottle with an infuser.  But instead of fruit, I can fill it with crystals.  This is the one I picked:

Buy Infuser Bottle Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.08.45 PM.png

Next, the crystals.  I definitely recommend tumbled stones, they are smooth and there is less chance of any of the stone chipping off and getting through the screen on your infuser.  I went for rose quartz.  If you are buying stones online, make sure you read the product details/ reviews to make sure you are getting authentic stones.  You don’t want to be drinking water that is soaked with some sort of manufactured stone.

Buy Rose Quartz Here

(I recommend buying two bags for this particular bottle.)

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.12.57 PM.png

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

(Information via

All together, this water bottle and my crystals cost about $25.  I love that you can so easily, and affordably, change the stones out as well.  I think I’m going for amethyst next!  Or maybe a mix of amethyst with rose quartz!


*If you are into crystals and are going to be using them in your water, I recommend reading about how to clean and charge them.

Disclaimer #2:  If you choose to try this crystal water, I highly recommend doing your own research as to what crystals you choose to put into your bottle.  Drink safely and responsibly.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog post.  xoxo

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DIY Embroidered Hat.

DIY Embroidered Hat.

You’ve probably seen embroidered ball caps all over the place.  I think they are a super cute trend!  I’m not a huge hat wearer, but I like to wear them in the summer because I literally hate the sun.  No, I’m serious.  I hate it.  If I could get away with functioning at night or on cloudy days only, I totally would do it. So, I am going to be rocking these hats all summer!

I found these hats at Wal-Mart (Buy Here), they were really affordable, so I bought the slightly distressed black and the light pink. My husband is actually the one who suggested that I embroider them. Thanks, hubby!

Supplies you will need:
Hat of your Choice
Embroidery Thread (you can get embroidery supplies at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, etc.) Buy Gold Embroidery Thread Here
Embroidery Needle ( I like the ones with a longer eye-way easier to thread) Buy Embroidery Needles Here
Needle Threader (Your embroidery life will be better for having this…) Buy Embroidery Threader Here
3″ Embroidery Hoop Buy Embroidery Hoop Here
Masking Tape
Printer (optional)


If you ever want to get into doing embroidery (which you should- it’s like the adult version of the Bedazzler, you can customize anything) the supplies are SUPER cheap.

First, lets start off with the unicorn hat.

1. Thread your needle using a needle threader. Push the hook of the needle threader through the eye of the needle, grab your thread and use the threader to pull it back through the eye. Tie a double knot on the opposite end of the thread shown here.

2. I started by finding an image I liked online, the more simple the better. Scale and print your image, then positioned it on your hat.

3. Outline the image of choice onto your hat with an ink pen that you can see fairly well.

4. Start at the very lowest point and pull your thread from inside the hat to outside the hat. Now, we are just going to fill in the shape. Think of how you would color this shape in if you had a crayon. Same thing here, we are just going from one side to the other, filling in as we go. Note about the gold embroidery thread: it can be a little tricky to work with, it tends to unravel more than most threads you will use, just make sure you are pulling all of the threads all the way through as you go along and leave a pretty good amount for your tie off. The cotton threads up super easy to work with.

Continue filling in until you have completely filled in the lines of your image! Easy breezy beautiful unicorn hat!


Now for the “GIRL POWER” hat!

1. This one was super easy as well. Thread your needle the same way described in step 1 above.

2. Use a piece of washi or masking tape as a straight line guide. Lightly pencil in your letters.

3. For this step, we are going to use a basic back stitch. This is kind of tricky to explain, but there are soooo many YouTube tutorials you can watch. Basically, you start with a small stitch on the top of the fabric (appx. 1/4″), then come up back through the fabric 1/4″ away from the end of the last stitch. The following stitches will always end at the end of the one before it. Does that make sense? No, didn’t think so. Watch this tutorial 🙂
Back Stitch Tutorial



I am definitely not an embroidery expert, I’ve just taught myself some techniques that I find easy to do. Let me know if you decide to try any of these or if I can answer any questions for you! Embroidery is so fun!!!


Thank you for reading! 🙂

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DIY: Printed Tee Shirts.

DIY: Printed Tee Shirts.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I’d like to start off by saying thank you, to anyone who has been reading my blog posts. This is something I really enjoy doing and I love getting to share fun ideas, recipes and products that I really love. So, welcome to my blog or welcome back! Let’s do some fun DIY’s together!

This is one of those DIY’s that I love! It’s personal to me and things that I like *cough* Spice Girls and my dogs…and I can wear it around and proudly sport my handy work. This was super easy and affordable to do you and you can do it with anything! The sky is the limit, seriously.

Supplies Needed:
Hanes Tee Shirt (Light colors work best)- these are right under $5 each
Printer Transfer Paper (I used Transfer Magic)
Ink Printer


I went to Wal-Mart and purchased two Hanes tee shirts. One white and one grey. Find the image you want to use online (make sure it’s a really clear/sharp image) and FLIP IT. I am using a MacBook, so I just pulled the image from online onto the desk top. I then opened the image in Pages. If you click the image, you should see an option in your menu that says ‘Arrange’, click that and then choose ‘Flip Horizontally’. This will give you a mirror image of your picture, so that when you put it image side down it will transfer right side up. If you purchase the same type of transfer paper that I used in this project, Hanes has a free tee shirt program downloadable throughout the Transfer Magic website. If your image is non-directional and is the same either way (like an image of a slice of pizza or a doughnut) then you are good to go and you don’t need to flip it.



I washed my tee shirts first. I wanted any shrinkage to go ahead and happen before I transfer my image, this is a highly recommended step. Next, IRON your shirt, you want the tee shirt to be as flat as possible when you transfer. They also recommend using a pillowcase vs. a towel, if you need a surface to iron. Flat is the name of the game. To transfer your image, just place it on the shirt where you want it, I used a ruler to make sure my image was centered on the shirt, then CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PACKAGE. I’m sure each company has certain iron settings and washing directions that apply to their product. Read the directions all the way through, then begin the transfer process according to your specific product. Let your image cool before wearing it (mine actually says to not wear the shirt for 24 hours after the transfer). Ugh, I am not patient…I totally had to throw them on for a few pictures though…



Thank you for reading! Follow me on Instagram @loveandlinden and tag me if you do your own tee shirt!

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DIY: Faux Marble Shelves.

DIY: Faux Marble Shelves.

I love the look of marble floating shelves, but they are super pricey (ranging $50+ per shelf).  Obviously, I’m going to try to figure out a way to get that look for the least amount of money…Obviously, that was going to include IKEA in some way…

Behold, the Ekby shelf.  $6.99 each, people.  Yeah.  I purchased two of the 31 1/8″ L x 7 1/2″ D with (4) of the Ekby brackets (TWO DOLLARS EACH!).

Click here to Buy the Ekby Shelves

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.00.03 PM.png

Click here to Buy the Ekby Brackets

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.06.55 PM.png

I used marble contact paper to wrap these shelves to loooooook like marble…ya pickin’ up with I’m puttin’ down?

Click here to Buy the Marble Contact Paper

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.14.42 PM.png

You will also need:

-X-Acto Knife


-Cutting Surface

-Credit Card (or something to smooth bubbles)

-Needle (to puncture & smooth bubbles…there will be some bubbles)

Step 1:


Lay your shelf out on the contact paper.  The contact paper has lines that will help you keep from getting wonky when you are wrapping your paper around.    Think of the way a paper cover goes over a hardback book.  The top, spine and bottom are covered with the paper, while the edges of the page are left exposed.  We will get to the sides a little later.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.30.15 AM.png

Step 2:

Start to peel the backing off of the contact paper to expose the sticky side, making sure to leave a little overhang on each of the side edges.  Work slowly on this part and smooth as much as you can as you go.  Since you are wrapping the majority of the shelf in one piece of paper, you can’t go back as easily once you’ve gotten it done.  Smooth as you go!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.32.57 AM.png

Step 3:

Once you have the top, front and bottom wrapped with one continuous piece of contact paper, trim the side edges and the back edge (see below).  The back edge will remain uncovered, it will be up against the wall so you will never see it.



Step 4:

Cut a strip of contact paper larger than the side edge you want to cover.  I turned the contact paper strip upside down (sticky side up) and just set my shelf right on top of it (see second picture on this step).  I used an X-Acto knife and just ran it along the edges of my shelf to trim off the excess.


Now all of your exposed edges are covered and you are ready to hang these!  Follow the instructions according to the brackets you decide to get and voila!  You’ve ended up spending about $30 for two shelves, instead of $50+ for one shelf.  IMG_0677

If you do this DIY project, please send me pictures!

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DIY Bag Monogram

This could possibly be my most favorite blog post ever. Oh, and I apologize for being gone for so long. Work + married life has been keeping me quite preoccupied, but I’m hoping I can get back in the swing of blogging, I miss it!
Anyways, on to the good stuff. I bought this weekender bag from target for $30! Score! I called about getting it monogrammed and they said it couldn’t be done , gasp! What is a weekender without a monogram?! ;). I starting thinking of other ways I could customize this bag on my own and I figured model car paint would work great! They do make leather paints, but the people at the paint store didn’t think it would adhere to pvc, so this is my solution.


Supplies you will need for your monogram:
Enamel paint (Model Master is the brand I chose in the color gold, they have tons of colors! This is in the same section as model car supplies.)
Acrylic clear top coat (also Model Master, semi gloss)
Paper plate
Make up sponge
Thin brush
Rubbing alcohol
Masking tape



First, I cut up my stencil page, getting as close to the letter as possible without making it too flimsy. Try to get your letters cut to relatively the same size.


Next, wipe down the surface really well with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before you start taping. After its dry, position your first letter. I started with the center letter so that I could place the others on either side. I also put them in the order of first, middle, last, since they were all the same size. You could buy two sets of stencils and play around with the order. But, I personally like this clean monogram on a bag like this.



Next, add just a tiny bit of the paint onto the plate, and use your makeup sponge to pick up some of the color and dab off the excess. You don’t want it to bleed under the stencil.


I put two light coats over the stencil, letting them dry in between. I peeled the stencils off carefully, then took a tiny paint brush to add the final details. Stencils aren’t connected letters and I didn’t want them to look stenciled, so I continued the lines to make them look complete. After the final coat is dry, I used the same brush (cleaned of course) to go right over the top of the gold letters, don’t go too far outside of the lines of your letters, so it looks neat.

Tada!! I’m totally thrilled with how it turned out!

Now, you are ready to rock the weekend trip with your customized bag! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!