Vegan Sandwich.

Vegan Sandwich.

Disclaimer:  This blog post is going to make me sound healthier than I actually am.  Truthfully, I just got done eating a Little Debbie cupcake, just keepin’ it real.   Oh yeah and I’m not vegan.  I think I could be if something called Chick-fil-a didn’t exist.   But I do like the occasional overdose of just veggies.

I went out to lunch with my husband the other day at a cool spot called The Panini Company in Little Rock.  If you are in Little Rock around lunch time, go visit them, it’s a super cool spot with a great atmosphere.  They’ve got juices and paninis (obviously) and it’s delicious.  Anywho, we got a couple of sandwiches called “The Vegan” and they were the bomb!  I don’t usually leave for lunch during the work week (ahem, I make nachos on a paper plate at work…), so I can’t get this sandwich all the time and I thought I would make my own at home.  All credit goes to The Panini Company for the inspiration for this sandwich, I’m sure their hummus is homemade and all that other good stuff, but I’m just tryin’ to make an easy/ healthy sandwich for lunch. This is my own interpretation of “The Vegan”:



Whole Grain Bread (I like Orowheat Whole Grain)- Toasted


Romaine Lettuce

Red Onion




Salt & Pepper

*These ingredients will make 2 sandwiches*

First, prep your veggies.  Slice your onions and tomatoes and mash your avocados.  For some reason the sandwich stays together better if your avocado is more of a mashed consistency.  Toast your bread to your preference, then coat both sides with hummus.  This is basically acting as your stand in to mayo or whatever other spread you like on your sandwiches.  Next, layer your “avocado mash” on one side (add salt & pepper to taste), then romaine, then tomatoes, then onions.  Now for the star of the show, PICKLES!!!  Something about the hummus and the pickles together is rockin’.  Just trust me, don’t skip the pickles.  Voila!  I love this sandwich, it makes you feel good after you eat all of those yummy veggies and it’s a great light sandwich for summer.


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